This is a description of my songs to date and where the inspiration came from. 

For convenience I am commenting on the songs alphabetically. 

‘The Art of Communication’  

It surprises me as much as anyone that I envisioned this sweet song about how grandchildren acquire language as a bluegrass/country song. Whilst I love all music strangely, I listen to country in the kitchen when pottering about. This song about how any grandparent can enjoy the fleeting magic of a child picking up and using words it has a fast cheerful pace and is about celebrating something often overlooked. 

‘The Climate Race’ 

This is a more serious song covering world issues. A passionate funky call for everybody to take note of climate change and ‘get ready for the climate race’. There are lots of examples in the song about things going wrong, pollution, deforestation, plastics in the ocean and so on. In a lively pop song these issues are highlighted. 

‘Come Hell or High Water’ 

This is a highly emotional pop ballad, triggered by a member of our family being diagnosed with a serious illness. This led to a collaborative effort with my producer Paul to write a song focusing on the essence of love and support through hard times. 


Again, a family focused ballad telling the story of my life with my husband. “All our adult lives we have been joined at the hip, a lifelong commitment to companionship.” This song is also written from the heart and is a celebration of partnership and our family. 

‘Human, Human’ 

This is a completely different Hip Hop/Rap song. Embedded in a retro style with a telephone at the beginning and end. Whilst it is a slightly tongue in cheek question it does reflect diversity. LGBTQ+, old and young, every ethnicity and religion. The song trawls through the features of humanity. Part sung, part spoken, strong and original, one to enjoy but with a pivotal question “what makes a human, human”? 

‘Late in the Day’ 

In a way this song is at the heart of the website. Yes, time has passed, and I have had a lifetime of other experiences but as an adult educationalist, which was my main career, it is my mantra that it is never too late to learn and to develop and to be creative. A gentle song it reminds me and us that there is still time, it is not too late, and it isn’t! 

‘Love Triangles’ 

A bouncy fast paced retro pop song about how people’s lives get complicated and there is no simple way out. It has a ‘Happy Days’ feel and was inspired by the complexity of the generations in ‘Virgin River’. 

‘Mini Beast Bop’ 

A bouncy happy pop song for children and the younger generation. Enjoying the delights of bugs and beetles and bopping around in the fresh air.  Perfect for a sunny day in the garden or anywhere with cake and lemonade. 

‘Out of this world’ 

Another wonderful member of our family is doing leading edge research about oxygen on the moon, the song extends into the context of the stars and the universe! You hear rockets in the song and the excitement of discovery. A fun, wistful, pop song, family friendly for all generations. 

‘Pretty Picture’ 

This is a collaboration between myself and Ian McAtee who sings the song with his daughter. It is a pop and folk song dealing with the passage of time and how we are approaching retirement and later life and the options open to us. 

‘Save Each Other’ 

This song uses the subject of a river as a metaphor for change and challenge in these turbulent times. This reflective song also refers to the Ganges to make it world relevant. The message is that we must all look after each other.

'Holiday Shout Out'

A joyous celebration song. Inclusive in terms of festivals and languages to be played any time of the year when there is something to celebrate! 

'Nothing Changes'

A song about my family history but also subtly linking the trauma of refugees in the interwar years with the current disaster in Ukraine.