Nothing Changes 

The song newly featured on the front page is ‘Nothing Changes’ there are also new additions to the songs listed on page three, for example ‘Holiday Shout Out’ a cheerful positive inclusive holiday song. Nothing changes reflects on my grandparents lives and how the war in Ukraine and elsewhere repeats the traumas of the past which can be overcome but are and were painful. Nostalgia is tempting but we must also move forward with our eyes wide open and optimism in our heart.  

Recently, I just turned 70. My main career was as a manager in Further and Adult Education and my main engagement with students in that role was facilitating them to find pathways to fulfilment, achievement, and sometimes employment. 

From 14 I worked part time in a record shop and did so for 7 years. I loved that job and learnt so much about the history of all genres of music, The record shop was where I first met my husband after he came in to buy ‘The House of the Rising Sun’, a powerful beginning to our lives. It has recently been our golden wedding. 

It has taken decades for me to scratch that itch, first generated in the record shop, that I would like to be a lyricist and write music. In my adult education career, whilst also looking after a family, I deliberately suppressed my potential creativity based on busyness or other excuses, and was also possibly fearful of failure, inadequacy or lack of skill. 

The pandemic did give us all an opportunity to take stock. I founded a modest Facebook group primarily for mature people terrified by the bloodcurdling threats of the risks of Covid, so they stayed indoors most of the time. The group, with a very special Steering Group focused on supporting people to engage, grow and maintain resilience and happiness, through music, humour, beauty and exceptional textile images. 

I also finally started to write songs. I did a couple of courses virtually, joined relevant networks, read widely, and hoovered up tips from peers. I have now produced with paid partners about a dozen songs and there are far more lyrics written. I have also just updated the website,, another achievement for which I am proud and happy. 

My main message to everyone is it is never too late to learn a new skill, language, craft whatever it is that stimulates and excites you. Our lifestyles have changed since the pandemic. We can all develop ‘Encore Careers’ and our location can be flexible. We may go out mindfully and purposefully but also much can be achieved at home. Home, work, hobbies, have blurred. For example, my song producer is in Colorado and my main singer is in North Carolina. It all works whilst I am based at home. We need to throw off our perceived chains and just have a go. Enjoy the songs!

Late in the Day 

Hi everybody. My latest release is ‘Late in the Day’ it talks about the passage of time and my 
opportunities still ahead. In some musical perspectives this is the age of the mature. Kate 
Bush is running up the road, again, and Paul McCartney, beat all expectations performing at 
80 at the Glastonbury festival. But these artists, like as so many others, were successful in 
their youth and now are like fine mature wine, luscious to enjoy again. This is not my 
situation, this is my encore career, a renaissance of creativity and discovery, I am learning all 
the time writing music and collaborating and discovering new things including engaging with 
this website. Long may the renaissance continue! 

Women of Substance podcasts. I am a great admirer of Bree Noble, she provides airplay for 
femaie artists, and fortunately she likes my work too!. Under different topics she has played 
three of my songs to over 10,000 listeners and I have had excellent feedback. Her next 
priority is music with a conscience, and I will submit “The Climate Race’. It is great to have 
an outlet for my music because gaining listeners is what it is all about. 

Genre what genre? An irritating aspect of submitting songs to outlets is they ask what genre 
is your music? Well, the answer is many genre’s. Pop ballads, Bluegrass, light rap, up tempo, 
childrens! My newly released creativity allows me to follow my muse, or any bee in my 
bonnet on a certain day, serious, romantic, light-hearted, tongue in cheek. They are all there 
and don’t fit in one particular genre.


How did I get here? 

With help from mentors, courses, supporters, networks and specialist help. 

Thank you to the Songwriting Academy in the UK, Bree Noble and Women of Substance, Chris SD and Michael Elsner in the USA, Paul, Heather and Ian. Paul Solomons and his amazing animation and Estee Cohen designs for the website. I am so grateful to you all and whilst it is ‘Late in the Day’ I plan to keep going.