About Me

My team

Heather Taylor

Primary Singer

Studio vocalist & multi-instrumentalist, Heather Taylor was classically trained at The Crane School of Music. The North Carolina resident draws elements of blues, folk, jazz, Americana, and rock into her original songwriting and recording work. Her voice has been quoted to be "timeless", "powerful", "believable" and "passionate". Her original music has won first place in local songwriting competitions, has been recognized as one of the best lyrics in WNC, and pre-pandemic, Taylor toured as a solo act and was featured at prominent festivals around WNC. Post-pandemic, Heather has spent her time developing her production skills and has worked with producers across the U.S. and overseas. Heather recently has won a spot in Crucial Music Library, an artist-friendly company dedicated to placing music in blockbuster films, Emmy winning shows and big brand spots. 

Paul Conkling


A performer in rock and roll bands for 30+ years, Paul became interested in the recording and engineering process early on in his recording career. Now a Nashville trained producer, he spends a great deal of his time bringing other artists' work to life in the studio. He serves as his own session musician on guitar,  bass and backing vocals,  and has a network of real and virtual artists to round out his productions. He will also assist in a co-write as needed.

Ian Mcatee

co-writer and singer

Ian grew up in a musical household, everyone sang and played an instrument. He had piano lessons aged 10 and learnt to play the trumpet as a teenager. His brother and sister both learnt to play the guitar and Ian desperately wanted to as well but, being left handed, he couldn’t get to grips with playing right handed as his siblings did. Aged 30 he was given a guitar he could restring and his journey to singing and performing had really begun.


His singing was inspired by starring in school productions such as “Half A Sixpence”, “West Side Story” and “The Gondoliers”.


Ian wrote his first song in 1976, aged 18, and wrote sporadically for the next 12 years. It was when he could play the guitar that his writing became more frequent, some three or four songs a year. He spent a year at The Songwriting Academy, starting in October 2020, and since then has been writing more or less full time, enjoying collaborations with many talented songwriters. With a current catalogue of nearly 100 songs, Ian is looking forward to spending his retirement years writing and performing his own music.

What is my mission, vision and goals?

Mission: to leave a worthwhile legacy that makes my children and grandchildren proud 

To do this against the odds as an old Jewish grandma! 

To get more songs written and produced at least to the current standard  

To develop a narrative for the current songs perhaps for an EP or mini musical 

To sort out my identity and brand better 

Ideally to Sync some of my material by submitting to licencing opportunities  

To earn something from the music being played or distributed from PRS or a licencee or boutique library. 

To set up manageable social media and website  

To get some media coverage about a successful, assuming it is, ‘encore career’ 

To get some artwork and possibly videos and animation to link to the songs 

To brand myself, as a non singer, as a virtual conductor of my music. 

For the music always to be authentic and reflect my voice. 

To develop my fan base by getting people looking at the website listening to the songs. 

To acquire more mentors and advocates along the journey 

To improve my technical skills and knowledge about music and media 

To have a graphically attractive logo that could conceivably be used for merch, although this is unlikely for a non performer 

Be brave, take risks, hard for a fundamentally shy person 

Enrich my musical core and believe in my capability as a songwriter 

Be a source of inspiration and role modelling for my family and others 

Use this journey as a means to reach out and reinforce valued friendships that might have been lost along the way. 

Develop a thick skin to cope with rejection. 

Treat everyone that I am in contact with on this journey with utmost respect 

Enjoy myself!